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  • 7/3/17 - ESO added to branches!
  • @Creegz is currently first place on the "How many SCG things can I admin" leaderboard.
  • Twitch Stream is available under Community>SCGTV in the menu!
  • @Caster is a sailor. Is probably your real dad.
  • Use our new recruitment pages to recruit for your branch!
  • @Manta has soft hands.


Welcome to Storm Cloud Gaming

author image by scadmin | Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 28 Jun 2017

Welcome to the new Storm Cloud Gaming website. We’re still getting things setup, so there’s not much here for now. We’ll have everything up and running soon, so stay tuned. -Storm Cloud Gaming

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Branch News and Happenings......

Storm Cloud Armada  – Star Citizen

8.25  Gamescom Presentation :  3pm EST/ 12pm PST

7.21 : SCA ORG Night  Register (Here)

7.13 : ATV: Derelict Ships  HERE

Elder Scrolls Online

Ongoing :  We play ESO sometimes…..

7.13 Brebbie is now an officer- Huzzah !

Chronicles of Elyria

Pre-Alpha Phase
Server Selection : Soon
Land Selection: Soon
Tribes Overview : Learn about the different tribes (races)
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