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Storm Cloud

Just a group trying to save Nirn and beyond.

The lands are a vast expanse of varying landscapes forever changed by the now foiled onslaught from Molag Bal. However, the dark forces that aim to enslave our world cannot be allowed to succeed. This is where you come in…

Greetings citizens of tamriel

The Storm Cloud is a tightly-knit guild of misfits, troublemakers and do-gooders in the constant fight to protect their livelihoods from the Daedra. Be it Delves and Trials, PVP, leveling and exploring or simple social aspirations, Storm Cloud members will find the environment flexible and welcoming.


Our goal is to create a community. We want to have fun while working together towards a common vision. Most of us have normal lives filled with enough drama and responsibilities, we don’t need it in our games as well. We want to kick back, relax and lose ourselves in the beauty of a new landscape for a few hours at a time while sharing some laughs and a sense of digital accomplishment. Be that capping your next character, helping a fellow member successfully complete a dungeon, dominating some PvP either in a battleground or in Cyrodiil, or just wandering aimlessly around picking peoples pockets.

While many other guilds are targetting a strict schedule for trials or pvp activity we have a more laid back perspective. Unlike many guilds, we think the measure of our community’s members and enjoying eachothers company is more important that the number of perfectly built characters to dominate the game. We believe an enjoyable, quality experience trumps quantity. After all, how else do we win at the game? We define winning as fun with friends. Simple.


Now, while we want to have fun, we ALSO want to be productive and work towards a common goal. Our overarching, in-game goals are to experience all of what this game has to offer, perhaps one of us becomes the biggest powerhouse PVP beast the game has ever seen, or we manage to successfully complete every trial and quest in the game, or successfully pickpocket a trinket from every citizen of Nirn.

The council will set an overall direction for the guild, but the individual members will be given the choice to partake or not; we hope you do by the way. Most days, the goals will just be to have a good time and enjoy the experiences the game has to offer. We anticipate much of our events to be prompted by those who play the game most, you. So don’t feel like you can’t organize an event night, you definitely can.


While our group is not a full RP guild, we definitely welcome casual RP, individual player backgrounds and lore. After all, the game is a much more immersive place when you are invested in your character beyond the pixels on the screen. RP helps foster positive community involvement.

Storm Cloud: A Brief History

Stemming from a community originally put together for Star Citizen we grew weary waiting for the game. Alas! Morrowind released, most of us had the original game already and we took to it again with great excitement gaining steam and interest we grew from the 5 members who decided to play this new expansion to 20 in about a week, solidifying this game as a branch of our ever expanding gaming community.

Some of us enjoy the RP aspect, or we’re just looking to have a story told effectively through the game but one thing brought this together, who feels like wandering a vast game alone? This question is why we banded together to create this guild and we hope you will join our adventures – or more commonly misadventures.

With a short history we need to write it, this is where you come in. Help us carve out our legacy and stand with us.


  • Do whats right and adhere to the code of conduct(s) on our site.

  • Your word is your bond. If you say you will do something, make every effort to do so.

  • Community first and foremost. This is a group effort.

  • Represent SCG in a positive manner.

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