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Gamescom Presentation Incoming !

2017/08/25 03:00:00


At this time, Star Citizen is in alpha state. Squadron 42 is due to be released most likely in 2018 while Star Citizen is approaching build 3.0.

Gamescon Presentation : Aug 25th, 3pm EST/ 12pm PST  Details HERE

7/19 Loremakers Guide : Centauri System

7/13  ATV : Derelict Ships   :  LINK

7/10 Citizens of the Stars  Monday, July 11

7/10  This Week in Star Citizen :   Click Here

Current Build

  • Squadron 42 :  N/A, Closed Development
  • Star Citizen Live :  2.5.1
  • Star Citizen Public Test Universe (PTU)  : Closed

SCA Calendar of Events

What is Star Citizen ? 

An ambitious project from Chris Roberts, the creator of the Wing Commander series, Star Citizen is two game sin one. It is a single-player space combat sim as well as an online Massively multiplayer universe sim.

The Single Player game is called Squadron 42.  The online MMO is Star Citizen.

Storm Cloud Armada is an organization (or a guild as you may know it from other MMO’s). A group of like-minded gamers working towards a common goal in-game.

Star Citizen will allow for many different types of gameplay raging from Player vs Player (PVP) to Player vs Environment (PVE) to full roleplay social interaction.

What Do I Need to Play ?

  1. You need an RSI Account.  Go to the  RSI Site and sign up/ create an account.
  2. Next, assuming you want to play both games (Single Player : Squadron 42 and Online MMO: Star Citizen), you need a combo package.

As of 7/11/2017, the combo pack is $60 and includes both games, some in game money and a starter ship called and Aurora MR OR Mustang Alpha depending on your choice. See below.

Star Citizen/ SQ42 Starter Packages- Click to follow to store page


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