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The SCA Council consists of five (5) members who enact policy, conduct town hall meetings, review code of conduct violations and manage the overall direction of the organization.    A monthly closed council meeting is held to discuss any new organizational developments, review member inquires and ideas, and plan the events for the coming month.  Additionally, an open forum/ town hall is also scheduled each month for members to voice any concerns, ideas or inquiries.


Town Hall Meetings

While the overall direction of the organization will be determined by the council with guidance from the overall member community, there are times when something will require voting from the organization members. In these scenarios, voting will be handled during town hall meetings.

Depending on the situation and time sensitivity, early voting may supplement a live vote if members are not able to attend the town hall. 


Council Members

Manta  Phaesic  Creegz  PMass



Feel free to contact any council member via link above or on Discord. Alternatively, if you would like to publicly pose a question/ topic or idea, please post in this THREAD.

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