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building the future of sca


Disclaimer:  We fully realize that most folks will be partaking in all aspects of Star Citizen throughout development and on “launch”. The divisions are a loose grouping of intended playstyle in-game. You are not forced into any of these divisions, it simply represents your intended primary role in-game.



Forge is the economic arm of SCA, handling the majority of financial operations for the organization.  Members primarily interested in Mining, Salvage, Trading and Hauling are welcome within the Forge Ranks.
The organization will need a strong economic foundation to fund combat and exploration initiatives as well as cover daily operation expenses. Forge is that foundation. Through industry and trade, the lifeblood of the organization is sustained, allowing for expansion of existing operations as well as capitalization on new opportunities for growth.
Forge cannot operate without the intelligence and threat analysis provided from WATCH or the security services and protection offered by GUARD.  The three divisions are truly interdependent and all will be working together on most operations.


Division Lead :  TBD

Operational Areas


Section Chief :   TBD

We believe hauling to be earliest way to generate revenue for our organization.  Goods are needed around the Verse, fetching different prices at different times. Through market monitoring, stockpiling and leveraging optimal route planning, hauling will be one of the main pillars of the economy.


Section Chief :   TBD

Like Hauling, goods will need to be ferried around the Verse’. However, an effective pool of capable traders matched with a vast network will allow for more portable, high value goods to be delivered to eager buyers.  Developing trade relationships will be another vital pillar of the SCA economic health.


Section Chief :   TBD

Mining is a hard life in the Verse. Hard, but lucrative. Our willing rock hounds , leveraging information provided from Watch division, will exploit newly identified resource fields and stake a claim for the organization.  Through a variety of industrial assets including Prospector and Orion vessels, SCA can initiate small to enterprise-scale mining capabilities when called upon.


Section Chief :   TBD

One Citizens wreckage is another ORG’s treasure in the Verse’, or so the old SOL saying goes.   SCA is in need of both apprentice and mastered salvage captains to help augment the bottom line.  There are tens of thousands of debris fields and wreckage sites strewn across the galaxy both in the vacuum of space and planetside. SCA will seize the opportunity for growth in this area.

Fuel Harvesting

Section Chief :   TBD

Nothing works in the Verse without fuel. Plain and simple. If there was such a thing a blood for the organization, its fuel.  SCA is in need of capable captains to both harvest and transport fuel between its own assets and to the marketplace.  A pool of Starfarers are available for those interested in helping feed the fleet.

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