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Sword and Shield

Guard represents the offense, defensive and special operations division of SCA. Whether it be defending operational assets, clearing a potential AOE, eliminating hostile forces or escorting away teams on planet side missions, Guard houses the combat pilots and operators of the organization.


Division Lead :  TBD

OPERational areas


SCA assets require protection during transit, especially in areas of decreasing UEE security.  Standard Operating Procedure requires at least one Guard vessel when  operating in anything less than high-sec systems, so escort is by far the most common activity.  Whether it be safeguarding a valuable shipment from A to B or simply providing area denial covering our capital ships on maneuvers, this is the most critical and fundamental duty of a guard pilot.

Deterrence is the ideal outcome in an escort scenario.

Operation Security

Although similar to escorting missions, Operation Security is a more static area denial mission lasting from a few minutes to days at a time.  Longer-term operations such as mining,  salvage,  system observation and research may require SCA assets to be exposed in low / null sec areas for dangerous periods of time.  Guard must be able to provide area denial and act upon any would-be aggressor immediately.

Similar to an escort objective, when engaged in operational security, deterrence is the ideal outcome.

Threat Elimination

It is inevitable that deterrence will go un-yielded and conflict will ensue. When this occurs, Guard ensures  threats are dispatched quickly or engaged long enough to allow operations to abort successfully. Depending on the threat, various assets will be brought to bear on ranging from fighters, bombers, corvettes to mighty capital ships such as the Idris and Javelin.  Guard members are expected to answer any call to action immediately and follow proper rules of engagement.

Interdiction and EWAR

Guard specialists are tasked with not only traditional ship-to-ship combat duties, but also deploying electronic countermeasures and advanced tactics designed to disrupt aggressors before they are able to engage SCA assets. Whether it be disabling vital enemy ship systems, masking fleet operations or pulling potential threats from quantum drive within an AOO, these specialists augment and enhance the fleet capabilities.


SCA Marines are the ship-to-ship, boarding and planet side security personnel within the organization. Often comprised of members from all three divisions, this infantry section is typically lead by a member of Guard.  SCAM ensures the safety of non-combat members conducting operations in potentially hazardous or hostile environments.  Additionally, SCAM is responsible for on-board defense and boarding of non-friendly vessels.

Repair and Rearmament

Fighting vessels routinely need to be repaired from general wear and tear, as do standard vessels. Though Forge often augments R&R personnel, ultimately the fleet maintenance and repair falls the Guard umbrella due to their extensive experience and frequent need for services.  Materials are usually provided by Forge while new technologies are researched and delivered by Watch.  R&R is truly the glue that holds all three divisions, and SCA, together.

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