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Storm Cloud Armada

A Star Citizen Organization. Join Us.

The Verse’ is a hostile expanse of cold and black. Inhospitable. Unforgiving. However, the stars glimmer like diamonds in the void, calling to humanity to test the limits of the collective imagination.

Welcome Citizens

Storm Cloud Armada is a tightly-knit band of misfits, making their way through the Verse’ one system at a time. Be it economic, exploratory, martial or simple social aspirations, SCA Members will find the environment flexible and welcoming.


Our goal is to create a community. We want to have fun while working together towards a common vision. Most of us have normal lives filled with enough drama and responsibilities, we don’t need it in our games as well. We want to kick back, relax and lose ourselves in the Verse for a few hours at a time while sharing some laughs and a sense of digital accomplishment. Be that finding a new point of interest, helping a fellow member successfully complete a mining activity, defending one of our capital ships from an aggressor or simply meeting up at the G-Loc bar for some decompression.

While many other organizations are focused on a regimented leadership structure or are hell bent on amassing the greatest number of members, we approach this a little differently. Unlike many organizations, we think the measure of our community cohesiveness is more important that the number of ships or pilots. We believe an enjoyable, quality experience trumps quantity. After all, what is “winning” in Star Citizen anyway ? We define winning as fun with friends. Simple.


Now, while we want to have fun, we ALSO want to be productive and work towards a common goal. Our overarching, in-game goals are organizational prosperity and the defense of the innocent. While we are outwardly cordial and allied with the UEE, we recognize that there are plenty of ways to skin the proverbial cat, some of which may be less than “legal”.

The council will set an overall direction for the armada, but the individual members and groups will be given autonomy to reach these goals cohesively. Most days, goals will be those of our members. We anticipate much of our activity coming from individual members posting a job on our organisational calendar/ missions boards.


While our group is not a full RP organization, we definitely welcome casual RP, individual player backgrounds and lore. After all, the game is a much more immersive place when you are invested in your character beyond the pixels on the screen. RP helps foster positive community involvement.

Storm Cloud Armada: History

SCA has humble beginnings as a small-time shipping and escort affiliate organization operating in high and low sec space for a dozen years or so. In its brief history, many ex-military personnel and private sector haulers began to coalesce under the umbrella of the flexible start-up. Offering a casual work environment coupled with better-than-average employee benefits and career expansion opportunities, the group began to grow steadily. Eventually, there were near-on a hundred members in the group all working to better both the Verse’ and it’s members.

As more military and experienced private sector members joined the ranks, they brought with them the Goliath vessels of war and industry opening new revenue streams for the organization including mining, salvage, research, exploration and advanced combat capabilities. The fleet grew in both capability and muscle, quickly evolving into the true definition of armada.

Alas, with time, the Verse’ is the great equalizer. Membership settled into cyclical ebbs and flows after its initial boom. Some decided they would try their hand at other professions, others decided to head back planet-side until the market changes. Still others retired from the game completely. Many assets sit unmanned at dock, but ever-ready for duty as their skippers and SCA council pan the Verse’ for the right opportunities.


  • Do whats right and adhere to the code of conduct(s) on our site.

  • Your word is your bond. If you say you will do something, make every effort to do so.

  • Community first and foremost. This is a group effort.

  • Represent SCA in a positive manner.

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