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Information is power

Watch is the exploration, intelligence gathering, research and medical arm of SCA.  The division is the eyes and ears of the organization and works closely with Forge and Guard on joint operations.
Our Watch members are tasked with several areas of operation detailed below.


Division Lead :  TBD

Operational areas


Section Chief: TBD

The Verse is wild and untamed. There remains plenty of rocks to kick over and riches to be found. Intrepid explorers are needed to locate and chart new jump points, systems and exploitable resources.  Whether it planet side or in deep space, information is power.


Section Chief: TBD

Successful operations depend on proper prior planning.  Areas of operation (AOEs) need to be thoroughly scouted prior to commencement.  Our crafty scout pilots will be responsible for identifying, assessing and reporting the potential threats within a given AOE. The safety of the operation begins with accurate intel.

Research and Development

Section Chief: TBD

State of the art facilities coupled with capably trained staff can lead to cutting edge technological advancements. R&D is tasked with assessing existing organizational assets, developing advanced technology and upgrading fleet capabilities.  Superior tools, weapon modifications, defensive capabilities, processes and materials are priceless when it comes to organizational advancement.

SAR and MedOps

Section Chief: TBD

When all goes according to plan, life is good in the Verse’, But we all know this isn’t typical. SCA maintains a first-class Search and Rescue (SAR) wing along with enterprise class medical vessels.  MedOps is responsible for the care of downed pilots from all three divisions, from recovery to rehabilitation and every stage in between.


Section Chief: TBD

Assuming all areas are accessible in the Verse’ would be a grave error.  Systems are often claimed by one group or another in an effort to control resources, populations or guard secrets.  It takes a specially-skilled pilot to get into and out of systems controlled by independent or rival factions unscathed and, more importantly, unnoticed.  Infiltration operations could involve  all manner of objectives ranging from sp———- <Error, information unavailable>  —————–

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